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Rental Property

The City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Division includes the Multi-Family Inspection Section. This group is tasked with ensuring landlords provide suitable, safe and sanitary conditions to families living in multi-family communities throughout the city.

This group also ensures that tenants are provided information on the responsibility and rights of being residents of a multi-family dwelling community. Through these actions the Multi-Family Inspection Section assists in providing a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere for both the landlords and tenants to work and live.

TCU Overlay District Registration

The newly adopted TCU Overlay District seeks to protect existing single-family residential neighborhoods by setting an occupancy limit of three unrelated persons in single family zoning districts within the overlay.

All one-family and two-family dwellings must register by March 31, 2015. Additionally owners of buildings being occupied by four or five unrelated persons, or those issued a building permit by Dec. 8, 2014, may continue such use by registering as a nonconforming use by March 31, 2015.

Register your property

To report potential occupancy violations inside or outside of the overlay district, download the Occupancy Violation Investigation form.

Tenant/Housing Assistance

The Fort Worth Human Relations Unit can help you get answers to questions about:

  • Repairs - Repair and Deduct Remedy
  • The Eviction Process
  • Refunds of Security Deposits
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Lockouts and Landlord Liens
  • Notice of Non-Renewal
  • Terminating Tenancy
  • Retaliatory Actions, Evictions and Discrimination
  • Accommodation and Modifications Requests for persons with disabilities.

More Information

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